Man Named God Reaches Settlement With Equifax, Finally Gets A Credit Score

You might recall a story from about a year back where a man with the first name “God” had a little dispute with credit-reporting agency Equifax, namely that the company wouldn’t recognize his moniker as legitimate. He’s now come out on top in his battle with Equifax, which has agreed he and his financial history do exist, and have granted him a shiny new credit score.

The Russian native and Brooklyn resident sued the credit-reporting agency last year in federal court claiming that the snag in his Equifax report that rejects his first name has kept him from buying a car, despite his credit scores of more than 720 at other agencies. He claimed a customer service representative even suggested he change his first name to make everything easier.

The New York Post reports that God and Equifax have reached a settlement where Equifax has agreed to enter his name into its database, as well as giving him an undisclosed payout.

With his new healthy credit score, God says he’s relieved the case has been settled and is planning to buy a BMW to celebrate.

“It’s been five years of this,” he told the NYP. “I’m glad that it’s over.”

His lawyer adds that Equifax actually added God’s name to its database when he took legal action last year, but that the financial part of the settlement took longer to finalize.

Equifax did not comment to the NYP.

Man named God settles lawsuit with credit agency [New York Post]

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