HBO Now Reportedly Coming To A Google Or Android Device Near You… Soon

Apple CEO Tim Cook presents HBO Now at today's press conference to launch the Apple Watch. (Photo: Glenn Derene/Consumer Reports)

Apple CEO Tim Cook presents HBO Now at today’s press conference to launch the Apple Watch. (Photo: Glenn Derene/Consumer Reports)

When HBO (kind of) cut the cord and announced it would finally launch a long-awaited standalone streaming service earlier this year, many Android users were left on the sidelines as it was revealed that HBO Now would start as an Apple exclusive. Now those once disconnected consumers can rejoice (if they so choose) because the service will soon be available on Google devices and Chromecast. 

CNET reports CNET reports that Google’s head of products, Sundar Pichai, told developers today at Google’s annual conference that HBO Now would soon be available on Google and Android platforms.

Pichai didn’t provide details such as cost or a timeline for when the service would be available on Android devices.

But, according to CNET, Apple’s exclusive deal with HBO Now prevents other digital media distributors from supporting the app until July.

HBO Now, which officially launched in mid-April, currently allows iOS users to subscribe to the $14.99/month offering through iTunes.

People served by Cablevision’s Optimum Online broadband service could also add HBO Now to their monthly bill for the same amount.

Despite Apple’s exclusive deal, users of other platforms weren’t completely shut out from HBO Now.

The service has been available by web to anyone with a desktop or laptop computer, and subscribers can output that video to their TVs via HDMI if they choose. However, the only way to stream directly to TVs is currently the Apple TV box, meaning owners of devices from Roku, Amazon, Google, and others remained on the outside.

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