Man Allegedly Fights Employees, Officers After Peeping Over Women’s Restroom Stall At Walmart

Over the years there has been no shortage of stories on Consumerist about peeping Toms hiding in women’s restrooms (the guys who fell through the movie theater ceiling) or department store changing rooms (the man who was chased by a topless woman at Kohl’s). But the latest unsettling incident took a dramatic turn after the alleged ogler supposedly assaulted employees and police officers after being found out.

The Morning Call reports the incident at a Pennsylvania Walmart quickly went from a case of harassment to an assault after the 24-year-old man allegedly kicked at employees and police officers.

An employee at the store tells police she was using restroom and noticed a man’s head peek over the stall. The employee says she finished quickly and was washing her hands, when she saw the man peek over another stall.

A store manager then confronted the man, and two loss prevention officers began to walk the alleged peeper to the manager’s office. However, police say the man fled the office, heading back toward the restrooms.

When the man refused to leave the store, loss prevention officers called police. At that point, the complaint alleges the man lashed out, punching one of the loss prevention officers.

According to police, when they arrived to handcuff the alleged suspect, he began kicking at the officers.

The man was eventually charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, resisting arrest, harassment and disorderly conduct.

Police: Man peeped on women in Walmart bathroom then fought with employees [The Morning Call]

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