Suspected Peeping Toms Crash Through Ceiling Of Women’s Bathroom At Movie Theater

Here’s the thing: If you don’t want people to suspect you of being a peeping Tom, don’t crawl around in the ceiling above a women’s bathroom. But if you do happen to fall through such a ceiling, like two men did in Georgia? Cops will probably accuse you of spying on ladies. Which is what happened just recently.

According to arrest warrants, the movie theater manager said he thinks the suspects went up through the ceiling in the men’s restrooms and scrabbled over to the ladies’ side.

If it’s the kind of ceiling we’re picturing (tiles, foamy, not very supportive), they’re not the kind to hold a lot of weight. As such, police say the men fell through and landed right inside the stalls, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

As for whether or not they were spying on the women, an officer wrote that the two were “invading the privacy” of customers.

The suspects — who share a last name but it’s unclear if they’re related — were both charged with peeping Tom and criminal damage to property.

So yes, peeping Tom is an official charge, you’ve learned something today. That, and don’t crawl around in the ceiling to look at people just trying to do their private business.

Police: Peeping Toms fall through bathroom ceiling [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

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