Investigators Stumped After Woman Finds “High-Quality” Cocaine In Her Granola Bar Wrapper

Image courtesy of KSAT News

Finding prizes in your food can be fun when you’re expecting them, but one San Antonio grandmother says she certainly wasn’t expecting to shake her Nature Valley granola bar wrapper and have a baggie filled with cocaine and covered in dollar signs fall out.

“One morning my husband and I were opening our granola bars and I like it to the very end,” the woman told KSAT News. “I was shaking the little bag out to get the crumbs when all of the sudden this little baggie popped out.”

She did think she’d won a prize at first, as the baggie had dollar signs on it, and called up the company to see if it was some kind of promotion. The person on the other line informed her that no, it was not their doing and suggested she call the police department.

When officers arrived and tested the contents of the baggie, they informed her it contained drugs.

“He said, ‘Congratulations, it’s high quality cocaine,’ and I had never seen that stuff before,” the woman says.

Though the incident happened in March, San Antonio police still aren’t sure how the cocaine got inside the wrapper — the woman says the individual packages were sealed. She’d gotten the box of granola bars from a friend who gives out samples and had leftovers, and says there was no sign that the packaging had been tampered with.

“It is a very strange case,” said a police sergeant on the case. “In my 22 years of law enforcement I’ve never come across a case like this.”

General Mills, the makers of Nature Valley Granola Bars, said through a spokesman that it’s sure the company isn’t at fault.

“We referred this to the police in March and are confident this did not happen in our facility,” he said in a statement, adding, “Inside the production facility the product moves very fast and it would be extremely difficult to get something in there.”

Narcotic officers are now trying to figure out at what point and how the drugs got inside the package, as the investigation continues.

“The frightening aspect of it is anybody could have come in contact with this,” the sergeant says. “It could have just as easily been a child opening up this snack and finding this dangerous narcotic inside of it.”

Woman finds cocaine in granola bar wrapper [KSAT News]

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