Comcast Says Customer Must Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement To Get $600 Refund

When your cable company has charged you hundreds of dollars for a cable box you returned five years ago, you’d hope that the response would be “Sorry about that. Here’s your money back,” not “We’ll give you your refund if you agree to not tell anyone about this.”

But that’s a demand that one Comcast customer says the company made of her when she disputed her years of charges for a box she’d long since given back.

She and her husband showed Philadelphia’s Action News Troubleshooters their five years’ worth of bills showing the overcharges.

“I am not happy about it, that’s over $600,” says the customer, who also played a recording of a voicemail allegedly left by a Comcast staffer.

“We will issue a $600 even credit,” explains the caller, “pending that you sign a non-disclosure agreement.”

Action News also talked to other Philly-area Comcast customers with similar equipment-related issues, but they were all offered no-strings-attached refunds from the company (after being contacted by the media, of course).

The cable industry is notorious for failing to properly track returned equipment. Comcast recently began accepting returns via UPS Store locations to give customers some sort of paper trail when Comcast inevitably charges them for lost set-top boxes and modems.

Yesterday, Comcast announced — as part of what it claims is an overhaul of its customer service — that it will begin issuing digital receipts for returned equipment so that there is (hopefully) less doubt about if/when/where/how a piece of equipment was handed back into Comcast’s care.

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  1. LooseSasquatch says:

    Ugh, god Comcast is the worst. They did this to me like 10 years ago. I lived in an apartment and had my own cable modem (I worked at Best Buy at the time, so discount!). I moved away from that apartment and went back to college and like 3 years later I get a ding on my credit report and collections agencies are calling me about the $475 non-returned modem fee.

    When I demanded proof, since it was my own device, they sent me some crappy document that showed a MAC address for my modem and a listing for a modem of a different model. Luckily, I happened to have that receipt and was able to take a picture of the MAC address sticker on the modem and my receipt from Best Buy and send it to them, but they never bothered telling the Collections Agency to stop calling and I had to send them a cease and desist letter. And of course they did nothing for my credit report and neither would the Collections Agency, despite my disputes w/ the credit bureaus. . . Man, what a shitty country we have going here sometimes. . .