Valet Service Forgets To Mention They Smashed Customer’s Porsche

Image courtesy of (Tadson Bussey)

If handing the keys to your car over to a valet parking service meant knowing that the company will forget to tell you when they damage your car, would anyone use valet parking at all? Probably not. Yet that’s exactly what happened when one restaurant customer, who discovered damage to his vehicle that the valet had sort of forgotten to tell him about.

The fact that the car is a Porsche isn’t relevant because the car’s owner wanted to brag to every viewer of CBS Sacramento that he owns a Porsche. Well, maybe he wanted to do that, but the real problem is this: after he confronted the parking service about the damage, they didn’t want to do what you’re supposed to after a property damage accident: and file a report with the police and share their insurance information with the person whose car their employee damaged.

Instead, they told him to visit their favored body shop and they would cover all expenses. Here’s where the type of car becomes relevant: the shop didn’t know anything about body repairs on Porsches. “I wasn’t extremely confident taking my car there,” he told the station. Only after the local station got involved did the company relent its mind and allow the car owner to take the car to any shop he wanted.

The valet parking service says that they’re not firing the employee who struck the customer’s car, but that they’re showing an educational video about what to do after an accident. The owner speculates that the driver panicked and was afraid to tell the car’s owner: that does not help the situation at all.

Call Kurtis: Valet Crashed My Car And Didn’t Tell Me [CBS Sacramento]

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