kids react

Pictured: Unrestrained glee.

Turns Out Kids Can React On Camera To New Technology As Well As Weird Old Stuff

The Internet just loves it when kids are put on camera reacting with things, but it seems we are not content to find out how children behave when faced with Walkmans and cameras that use film, but words also come out of their mouths at the sight of shiny, new technology. Who knew? [More]


Kids Trying An Old Camera React Predictably, Yet Adorably Confounded

In the newest installment of Kids React, where kids do what the title suggests and interact with technology of yore in a predictably adorable yet totally understandable way to outdated gadgets, we get to see what the children of today think of taking pictures with a camera that uses actual film… and ohmygosh, you can’t even see the photo after you take it! Oh, the humanity, life was so cruel then, etc. [More]