Taco Bell Is Testing Potato Chip Nachos For Some Reason

taco-bell-potato-crisp-nachosSure, nachos made from thick-cut potato “crisps” are nothing new, but we are kind of surprised to see them at Taco Bell. Maybe they’re preparing themselves for a bleak dystopian future where there is no more corn or flour to make tortillas from. Or they’re trying to create new and more appealing junk foods.

Brand Eating reports that this new product is pretty much the same thing as the existing Nachos Bell Grande, except that those have a base of tortilla chips. The toppings are beef, refried beans, cheese sauce, tomatoes, and sour cream. Guacamole is also being tested, but that’s not standard on the Nachos Bell Grande.

The known test sites, if you find this idea too irresistible to wait around for the ‘tater nachos to reach your city, are Bellevue, Nebraska and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. If you see them anywhere else, you know where to reach us.

UPDATE: Reader Amy tried them in Omaha, and reports that she is “not too impressed.”

The current pricing is $2.49 or $3.49 depending on toppings.

Taco Bell Testing Potato Crisp Nachos [Brand Eating]

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