Domino’s Australia Takes Pizza-Tracking To The Streets

Image courtesy of (brandylee)

Pizza status: captured by cat. (brandylee)

Pizza status: captured by cat. (brandylee)

When you hail a ride using Uber and similar mobile applications, you know how close your car is to you thanks to the GPS receivers in your phone and in your driver’s phone. That’s nice and all, but what if that same technology could be used to track something that’s really time-sensitive…like a pizza delivery.

The company trying this out, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd., runs the Domino’s restaurants to a few European countries in addition to Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Apparently, these are all countries where people get very impatient about their food deliveries, so they’re taking the Pizza Tracker concept a little further.

You may remember the Pizza Tracker: it tells you where your pizza is in the pizza-cooking process. Between the shop and your home, though, it disappears: the driver could be lost, running late, or off on a side trip. This tracker solves that mystery, while also letting bosses spy on delivery drivers. If they’re speeding, making side trips on the clock, and zooming around corners. The 50 shops that tested this app found that drivers cut back on potentially dangerous behavior.

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