Dean Foods Moving Its 31 Milk Brands Under One National Name

Soon your regional milk brand might be getting a bit of an image makeover, as Dean Foods says it’s taking all 31 of its brands and pushing them under one national umbrella in an effort to unite against struggling milk sales.

From Borden and Lehigh Valley brands in the South, to Land O’Lakes in the Midwest and Tuscan in the Northeast, all of Dean’s regular, non-chocolate milk brands will now come with the DairyPure brand slapped on packaging, along with the regional names already in use, reports the Wall Street Journal, starting this month. The old labels will appear alongside the DairyPure name on cartons and jugs and will be in the same print size.

It’s smushing all the brands under one label in an effort to revive interest — and therefore, sales — in its milk products. Dean currently has a 36% share of the U.S. milk market and wants to keep that while also trying to grab a larger chunk of the business.

Dean’s hoping that shifting consumer trends towards foods that seem more natural and local will make the DairyPure brand work, touting the fact that the milk ships within hours “fresh from your local dairy,” as well as the fact that it’s tested for antibiotics and comes from cows free of growth hormones.

“There has been a dream of us having a national milk brand for years,” Chief Executive Gregg Tanner told the WSJ, something that wasn’t possible until the company could bring together its collection of milk processors and get them to work together, as well as bring all their food-safety and other quality standards to the same place.

Dean Foods Bets on One National Milk Brand [Wall Street Journal]

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