McDonald’s Testing Simplified Version Of Build-Your-Own Program, Adds Drive-Thru Option

A day after we learned that McDonald’s had eliminated nine items from its menu so far this year, the fast food giant announced it would also adjust its build-your-own-burger test program to be easier for customers and franchisees to use.

Reuters reports that McDonald’s has started testing TasteCrafted, a more modest version of its “Create Your Taste” pilot that began late last year, at several restaurants around the country.

The new version of the customizable meal program will reportedly cost less for franchisees to install and have the ability to be offered through drive-thru windows.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s says the TasteCrafted program is currently being testing in a limited number of restaurants near Atlanta; Portland, OR and Southern California.

Citing a filing from an analyst for Janney Capital, Reuters reports that the new test allows diners to choose burgers, sandwiches, McWraps and salads in a variety of “chef inspired flavors.”

While the TasteCrafted program may be a simplified menu, it still offers a plethora of options for customers including the choice of sandwiches made with beef or chicken, three choices of buns and four different topping flavors: bacon clubhouse, pico guacamole, hot jalapeño and ranch deluxe.

Because of the slimmed down nature of TasteCrafted, analysts say that the program could be rolled out nationally by the fast food chain in just a few months, whereas the original Create Your Taste Program would have taken two to three years.

Reuters reports that franchisees had expressed displeasure with the original customized program that was introduced prior to new CEO Steve Easterbrook taking the helm in March.

Owners of the restaurants had complained that the program – which was being tested in more than 2,000 stores in California, Illinois, Wisconsin, Georgia, Missouri and Pennsylvania – was too slow and that the installation price of more than $100,000 was too much considering it wasn’t available through drive-thru windows.

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