70% Of Coupon Users Still Use Print Circulars For Savings

If you use coupons, what type do you use? Some surprising information came up at this week’s Association of Coupon Professionals conference, which is an actual thing. It’s not surprising that such a conference would discuss how much consumers like coupons, but it is surprising that 71% of consumers reportedly still use paper coupons.

Yep. Dead-tree coupons are still a thing! While retailers can distribute coupons digitally to more people more efficiently, the study found that redemption rates were much higher for old-fashioned paper coupons. It’s notable that the survey was only about consumer packaged goods: food, toiletries, and other items that you’d find coupons for in a circular in the newspaper. What about coupons for clothing stores and other retail venues? They didn’t present information on that, and it would be interesting to see the results.

Even millennials, the generation of American consumers broadly defined as “anyone younger than the Consumerist editors,” apparently still like paper coupons. According to this study, 61% of millennials still use coupons that came in flyers, as opposed to digital coupons that they printed out. Where are they getting these coupons?

70% Of Consumers Still Look To Traditional Paper-Based Coupons For Savings [GfK Research]

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