N.J. Officials Confirm Capture Of 40-Pound Wolverine Running Loose At Newark Airport

Falling firmly in the category of things I never thought I’d hear about on an otherwise perfectly normal day is a 40-pound wolverine that was captured after breaking loose and running around at Newark Airport. And yes, I’m talking about the animal, not Hugh Jackman bedecked with metal claws and a questionable hairdo.

Officials in New Jersey say the male European wolverine broke out of his carrier around 3:30 in the afternoon on Tuesday inside a transport van, reports the New York Daily News. He was on his way to Alaska from Norway, with a layover in Newark.

A veterinarian from the Bronx Zoo arrived on the scene and shot the animal with a tranquilizer dart so he could be safely captured and moved into another, more secure carrier.

He’s the property of the Alaska State Zoo, and was traveling with zoo staff when he busted loose. No injuries were reported.

Wolverine expresses concern for his furry bro.

Wolverine clearly concerned for his furry bro.

40-pound wolverine caught, tranquilized after running wild in Newark Airport [New York Daily News]

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