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N.J. Officials Confirm Capture Of 40-Pound Wolverine Running Loose At Newark Airport

Falling firmly in the category of things I never thought I’d hear about on an otherwise perfectly normal day is a 40-pound wolverine that was captured after breaking loose and running around at Newark Airport. And yes, I’m talking about the animal, not Hugh Jackman bedecked with metal claws and a questionable hairdo. [More]

Not the cookies with coke. (kenfagerdotcom)

Officials Bust Traveler With $50,000 Worth Of Cocaine Cookies At Newark Airport

If there’s one thing law enforcement will never expect, it’s illegal drugs hidden inside of food. Believing that sentence is exactly how you can end up busted for baking $50,000 worth of cocaine inside cookies, people. Because the very first place people often think to stash their stashes is inside seemingly innocent edibles. [More]

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Did You Turn In A Lost Diamond Ring At Newark Airport? There’s A Free Flight Waiting For You

Most of the time, when you find something that’s not yours and you turn it in, it’s not like you’re expecting a huge thank you, a burst of applause or a ticker tape parade. You do the right thing because it’s the right thing — but if you did happen to turn in a lost diamond ring at Newark Airport? You’ve got a free flight. [More]

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Undercover TSA Inspector Gets Through Airport Security Just Fine With Fake Bomb In His Pants

Critics feeling a bit squirrelly about the Transportation Security Administration’s recent decision to allow certain small knives on planes are likely a bit steamed up at the news that an undercover investigator reportedly managed to get past Newark airport security with a fake bomb. [More]


TSA Wants To Fire 25 Workers, Suspend Another 19 At Newark Airport For Misconduct

There’s been plenty of trouble stirring at Newark International Airport these days. In June we saw Transportation Security Administration workers get axed for falling asleep on the job and Air Marshals canned for boozing while training. Those employees will have company soon, as the TSA has proposed the firings of 25 employees and suspensions for 19 others at Newark for alleged misconduct. [More]