Students Claim 11,327-Pound Rice Krispies Treat Holds New World Record

There are some endeavors so inherently delicious, it’s a wonder more people don’t undertake them. But alas, not everyone has the means to craft a ginormous 5.5-ton Rice Krispies treat and steal the world record for doing so.

That’s where a team of students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison calling themselves Project 15,000 came in, reports Reuters, wrangling Rice Krispies cereal, butter and marshmallows into an 11,327-pound behemoth.

Though their goal had been 15,000 pounds (7.5 tons), measuring in at 10 feet by 10 feet by 6.5 feet tall, the group’s huge treat is more than 1,000 pounds heavier than the reigning champ, a 10,314 pound treat made in California back in 2010 recognized by Guinness World Records.

The students started mixing up the treat on Thursday with 9,000 pounds of donated marshmallows, 5,500 pounds of Rice Krispies and 900 pounds of butter, and finished the project on Sunday, using a huge wooden mold.

Pieces of the treat will now be cut up and sold off to raise money for Wisconsin charities. Extra cereal will also be donated to food pantries.

“We had an ambitious goal and we succeeded,” one of the project leaders said.

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