YouTube Will Let Viewers Watch Videos Ad-Free For A Monthly Fee

If your dream is watch hours upon hours of animals from different species being best friends without the insistent interruption of ads, you are within reach of that reality — if you’re willing to cough up a payment every month to YouTube.

As it was foretold back in October of 2014, the company is reportedly preparing to offer an ad-free subscription option. The video service sent a letter to its most popular content creators yesterday, according to the Associated Press, asking them to sign off on contract terms that will put the plan in motion.

It’s still early days yet — there’s no information on when the option will be offered, how much users will have to pay to skip the ads or whether it will apply to all content or just some of the most popular providers.

YouTube said in a statement that it’s “giving fans more choice to enjoy the content they love and creators more opportunity to earn revenue are always amongst our top priorities.” No specifics were given.

Some YouTube users have already experienced ad-free videos, with a music service called Music Key offered to select participants last November that also skips the ads for a fee.

YouTube To Go Ad-Free, For A Fee [Associated Press]

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