Twitter Wants Your Videos So Much, It Will Let You Keep Most Of The Ad Money

Image courtesy of Tom Raftery

Hey, have you heard about video? You might have missed it, what with literally every social media platform all but begging you to post more and watch more at all times, but video is the new hotness. And to get individuals to post more video to their platform, Twitter’s willing to split the ad take.

In a blog post today, Twitter announced that Twitter Amplify, its revenue-generating (read as: advertising) program for video creators, will now be available to individuals in the US.

Amplify currently has certain large-scale VIP partners like the NFL, but has not been available to the would-be internet stars of the next generation — the burgeoning YouTube, Instagram, and Vine celebrities of the world — until now.

It’s a fairly sweet deal, Recode reports: Twitter Amplify users will be able to keep 70% of the ad revenue their content generates for the social network, the same split that existing contributors get. YouTube, on the other hand, requires a 55% / 45% split.

That said, you can’t just roll up a new Twitter account today and hope to start making bank for video content. The program will a one-click ticky-box option for “approved creators.” If that process is anything like becoming a verified user, it’s likely to strike as very hit-and-miss for a whole lot of users.

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