YouTube Launches $9.99/Month “Red” Ad-Free Subscription Service

YouTube Launches $9.99/Month “Red” Ad-Free Subscription Service

Six months after reports began to swirl that YouTube would offer users an option to watch videos sans ads, the company officially unveiled its $9.99/month subscription service.  [More]

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YouTube Will Let Viewers Watch Videos Ad-Free For A Monthly Fee

If your dream is watch hours upon hours of animals from different species being best friends without the insistent interruption of ads, you are within reach of that reality — if you’re willing to cough up a payment every month to YouTube. [More]

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YouTube Launches Subscription Service Called Music Key At Promo Price Of $7.99 Per Month

Google said it was building it, and now it’s come: YouTube launched a new video subscription service called Music Key today, at an initial price of $7.99 per month for the beta offering. That fee keeps the ads away for users who are sick of sitting through commercials before watching content. [More]