Police Looking For Thief Who Drove Indy 500 Pace Car Through Dealership’s Window


Another pace car. (Minhimalism)

Police are looking for someone felt the need to destroy a perfectly good replica Indy 500 pace car by driving it through a car dealership window last night. Apparently “replica” doesn’t mean the there’s no engine.

Authorities in Indianapolis are looking for a man suspected of breaking into the dealership, stealing the keys to the white Chevrolet Camara convertible — with the top down and security alarms going off all round — and driving it right through a two-story glass showroom window, reports IndyStar.com.

The car, bearing its Indianapolis 500 logo, then drove over a three-foot staircase and landed on the ground before the driver raced off. Police later found the $50,000 car totaled, but are still looking for the man.

The window could cost as much as $75,000 to replace.

“This is the most bizarre thing we have ever had happen at our business,” the dealership’s owner said, admitting he’s surprised the thief drove far at all.

“He drove through a front window with steal frames, down a 3-foot set of stairs with a 3-foot drop, and landed,” he explained. “He destroyed the suspension in the car.”

The car was used by dignitaries during the Indy 500 celebrations in May, and it one of 100 of its kind gifted to dealerships.

“It’s obviously a pretty special vehicle,” the dealership’s owner says. “I guess I feel violated,” Estes said. “This is our second home.”

Police are now on the hunt for a possibly shirtless man, who might’ve been injured during the incident.

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