Delta Air Lines Regional Jet Collides With Terminal Wall At Detroit Airport, Delay Ensues

Image courtesy of A Delta regional flight jet was damaged after it came in contact with a terminal wall Wednesday.

Backing up a plane is a lot more complicated that reversing out of your driveway, but pilots generally do it without too much trouble (and with the help of an airplane tug). But this everyday occurrence went awry today for a Delta-operated regional jet in Detroit. reports that the Chicago-bound Endeavor Air flight plowed into the wall of a terminal building at Detroit Metropolitan Airport while taxiing away from the gate area.

A spokesperson for Endeavor – a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta – confirmed the “very low-speed” collision caused damage to the left tail wing of the aircraft.

No one on the flight or in the terminal area was injured during the incident.

The spokesperson says that at the time of the collision, the airplane had already been released by the aircraft tug leaving the plane under its own control. An airport officer noticed the collision just after noon and notified the FAA tower, which then ordered to plane back to the gate.

“Customers have been re-accommodated on an alternate aircraft with minimal delay to their original schedule,” the spokesperson tells

Before passengers were ferried to their new plane, some were able to take photos to share on Twitter.

When the ordeal was all said and done, passengers arrived in Chicago about an hour behind schedule.

Chicago-bound plane clips Detroit Metro Airport terminal while taxiing away from gate []

[via Mashable]

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