Home Of Minnesota Twins Enters The Outrageous Bloody Mary Game With Pepperoni Pizza Garnish

Perhaps inspired by its neighboring state of Wisconsin’s formidable, pioneering efforts in the category of outrageously over-the-top Bloody Marys, the Minnesota Twins will be offering their own attempt at ridiculous beverage garnishes with a new drink that comes with a slice of pepperoni pizza stuck on a skewer.

That slice of pizza may not involve the level of complexity involved in this stackable, cheap masterpiece, nor does it include an entire fried fowl, but you’ve got to give them an A for effort, because pizza is delicious.

Along with the pizza there are other important food groups involved: There’s a beef stick (great food group), two kinds of cheese (best food group), an olive, celery and a pickle spear. The whole thing goes for $19 and comes with a beer back because come on, you have to have a beer with a Bloody Mary to do it right.

Twins former first baseman Kent Hrbek has his name on a bar and restaurant behind home plate at Target Field in Minneapolis. He Tweeted the new pizza Bloody Mary offering out yesterday, calling it the College Daze Bloody Mary.

This actually combines two over-the-top food trends — crazy stadium food AND wacky Bloody Marys, so good job on that one, Hrbek.

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