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Home Of Minnesota Twins Enters The Outrageous Bloody Mary Game With Pepperoni Pizza Garnish

Perhaps inspired by its neighboring state of Wisconsin’s formidable, pioneering efforts in the category of outrageously over-the-top Bloody Marys, the Minnesota Twins will be offering their own attempt at ridiculous beverage garnishes with a new drink that comes with a slice of pepperoni pizza stuck on a skewer. [More]

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This $50 Bloody Mary Includes An Entire Fried Chicken

Although my path in life has taken me many miles from the fair shores of Lake Michigan, I can always count on the people of Milwaukee to make me proud by way of ridiculously extravagant food creations. I am now an entire fried chicken’s worth proud, as a bar in the Good Land has introduced a Bloody Mary topped with a whole fried fowl. [More]

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We Live In A World Where This Towering Feat Of Meat, Cheese & Bloody Mary Only Costs $5

UPDATE: Not only is this impressive Bloody Mary real, as confirmed by the actual owner of the bar and the employee who crafts it, the special cocktail changes every month. Next up? Cinco de Mayo. Scroll down for the story on these puppies, straight from the creator’s mouth. [More]