Business Messaging Site Slack Reports Hack Lasting Four Days

SlackA startup messaging system used by more than 60,000 businesses including Google, Apple and Amazon became the latest victim of a data breach.

Quartz, which also uses the messaging system, reports Slack was hacked for four days in February, leaving users’ account information vulnerable.

Slack announced the breach in a blog post Friday, saying that users’ names, encrypted passwords, email addresses, contact information, phone numbers and Skype names may have been accessed.

“We have no indication that the hackers were able to decrypt stored passwords, as Slack uses a one-way encryption technique called hashing,” the company stated in the post.

The company says it notified affected users to reset their passwords.

In an effort to prevent future issues, the company says it will add two-factor authentication and enhanced controls for administrators to reset passwords for the entire company, Quartz reports.

While Slack counts nearly 60,000 clients in its roster, a spokesperson for the company declined to comment how many of those companies were affected by the breach.

However, the company did say in a statement to Quartz that no access was made to databases containing message archives or other sensitive data.

Hackers breached Slack’s database containing users’ contact information and passwords [Quartz]

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