Suspected Walmart Shoplifter Kicks Through Ceiling, Tunnels Out Via Air Ducts

Escape from the Walmart ceiling.

Escape from the Walmart ceiling.

We never imagined that the world’s greatest criminal masterminds would bother to shop-lift from Walmart. Yet a suspected shoplifter at a store in Alabama made an escape from the store worthy of a terrible spy movie. He was captured on surveillance camera climbing up into the ceiling, navigating air ducts, and then kicking his way down through the ceiling near the store exit.

The man was accused of stealing some clothes, and his daring escape was out of proportion to the crime he was being accused of. Evading justice may even put him in more trouble than the original theft…if he’s apprehended.

Security sat the man down in the McDonald’s restaurant within the store, and from there he punched through the ceiling and climbed up and through 20 feet of ducts. Store employees are calling him Spider-Man for obvious reasons, but would the real Spider-Man steal clothes before he escaped using not-so-secret tunnels? Where could you hide shoplifted goods in a spidey-suit, anyway?

Accused Shoplifter Turns Into Spider-Man For Escape [WKRG]

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