Burger King Announces Limited Edition Whopper-Scented Cologne

whoppercologneDid we miss some kind of memo that made it cool to smell like your food without the pleasure of actually eating anything? Because Burger King apparently feels the need to jump on the fast food scent train, announcing that it’ll bestow 1,000 bottles of Whopper-scented cologne upon the world on April 1.

Alas, as with Pizza Hut’s foray into food perfume, which was limited to Canada at first, only people in Japan will be able to get their hands on a bottle of burger cologne.

Burger King announced today that the April 1 date is not because this whole thing is an obvious April Fool’s joke, but because it’s Whopper day for the company, notes the Associated Press.

The Flame Grilled fragrance sells for 5,000 yen or about $40, along with the purchase of a burger with flame-grilled beef. Ketchup and mustard packets will also be available in case you want to squirt some into your hair to complete the effect.

Burger King has cologne for hamburger lovers [Associated Press]

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