Police In Ohio On The Lookout For Serial Pooper Defecating On Parked Cars

Police in Akron, OH have been dealing with a messy issue since 2012, and it’s one they just can’t seem to wipe away: Cops say a mysterious serial pooper/bowel movement bandit has made area cars his own personal dumping ground, hitting up as many as 19 vehicles in the last three years. But now, police have his face on camera.

While it might be easier to look away when faced with such a gross activity, a brave resident was able to stay focused and snap a photo of the poopetrator in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, reports NewsNet 5.

The resident had set up a camera after having her car hit by the feces villain for the seventh time, all while her car was parked in the driveway. She caught the suspect in action, and police are now using his photo to try and bust him for going in public.

Another man said his car has been hit six times, with fecal matter spread all over his vehicle in at least one instance.

If he’s caught, the suspect could face misdemeanor criminal mischief or criminal damaging charges. So far none of the victims have recognized the man caught on camera, but Akron Police say they’ve gotten about a dozen tips so far.

Stay vigilant, citizens. Even if it’s worse to watch the crime in action, you could be saving others from a stinky fate.

Akron Police searching for someone who pooped on 19 parked cars [NewsNet5]

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