Man Buys Bag Of Potato Chips, Finds Whole Potato Inside

chipsWhile kits that encourage a do-it-yourself spirit are great, that isn’t what people expect when they buy a bag of potato chips. That’s why a man in England was surprised when he opened up his snack and discovered a ‘tater in its unprocessed form. Delicious? Sure. A convenient snack? Not so much.

Mistakes happen, but this is an especially hilarious one. The chips were steak and onion flavored, so perhaps it’s lucky that he didn’t find a whole unpeeled onion inside. Or a cow, if it had been a significantly larger bag.

The customer says that he wasn’t really paying attention before opening the bag, thinking that maybe the lump was just a cluster of “soggy crisps.” He bought the bag from international discount grocery powerhouse Aldi, but he has no plans to stop shopping there. “It is likely I will buy them again, brand doesn’t bother me with crisps,” he told BT news. “But I will feel up the pack before I open them.” Checking the contents of opaque packages is a pretty good idea when it’s possible, when you consider the possibilities of moldy drink packets or ravioli mold.

Man finds whole potato in crisp packet []

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