Video: Piggly Wiggly Customer Turns Parking Lot Into Demolition Derby

A 94-year-old Piggly Wiggly customer managed to turn the store’s parking lot into his own personal bumper cars attraction, after he said he confused the gas pedal for the brake and panicked, hitting about 10 cars in the process.

The elderly Wisconsin man’s driving endeavors were caught on surveillance tape from the grocery store, reports WTMJ 4 News, but police say he won’t be charged after ramming into several vehicles.

He told officers on the scene that he’d gotten confused and panicked while backing out of a spot.

“It could have been a heck of a lot worse,” the police chief told the station, adding, “We were very, very fortunate that there was no pedestrians walking out with their groceries,” He added.

A man whose truck was hit ran after the driver with his fiancee to try and help him get control of his vehicle.

“I’m slamming on the window, just pounding on it saying stop your car, stop your car,” he said.

Though police likely won’t charge the man, the chief said the Department of Motor Vehicles is looking into possibly retesting him for his drivers license.

Couple able to stop elderly man who hit nine cars in Piggly Wiggly parking lot [WTMJ 4]

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