Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Have A Case For Your 7-Year-Old iPhone

The Raiders of the Lost Walmart are a band of brave retail explorers who comb the world’s big-box stores in search of retail antiquities at comically high prices. They carefully excavate clearance racks in order to find the most ancient pieces of technology available. In their latest report from the field, the Raiders found more ancient antivirus software, and a case for iPhones that may actually be collectibles by now.


The iPhone 3G debuted in 2008. While there are likely some out there still in use, what are the odds that one of the people using one will enter this particular Walmart in Wisconsin, browse the clearance rack, and need a case? Tipster Chad found it, sure, but he doesn’t have an iPhone.

(Yes, while “Raiders of the Lost Walmart” is the name of this recurring feature, items from other retailers are eligible, too.)


“I asked the cashier in the electronic department why would they sell outdated product,” Raider Michael wrote to Consumerist. “Her reply was they were not allowed to destroy or return the product or mark the price down any lower. Back in 2011, PC Magazine did a review of the Trend Micro Titanium 2012. At that time the MSRP was $39.95.” Marked down to $25, it’s probably not going to fly off the shelf any time soon.

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