Customers Rush To Use Grocery Store ATM Paying Out Double Cash

Customers at a Morrisons grocery store in the United Kingdom received an exciting surprise if they went to take some money out of the store’s cash machine: it was paying out double. No, this is not a thing that was actually supposed to happen, but customers rushed to the store to take out some extra money…even though it would be fairly easy for the ATM owner and their banks to determine who had taken out more cash than they were entitled to.

This all went down at a Morrisons supermarket in Stanground, United Kingdom. After word got out about the machine doubling customers’ money, other customers report long lines around the machine within aa short time of when the double cash bug began.

“We were quickly notified that a fault had occurred with the Link cash machine outside of our store. Our colleagues attended, switched the faulty ATM off and notified the bank,” a spokesperson for the grocery chain told the Peterborough Telegraph. The machine’s operator came to fix the bug, but the Telegraph wasn’t able to talk to someone from the company to find out what the bug was: if, indeed, the company would even be willing to disclose that information to the public.

Shoppers in Peterborough flock to cash machine as it pays out double [Peterborough Telegraph]

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