Is This Just Zima?

Zima, is that you?

Zima, is that you?

This week, ABInBev announced that it’s unleashing something terrifying sounding called a Bud Light Mixxtail, a malt liquor beverage that pretty much sounds like someone dropped a couple cinnamon red hots in a vat of Zima and called it a day. But hey, it’s sweet, and millennials like sweet stuff! According to the powers that be.

There are three flavors of pre-mixxed cocktails arriving next week, the company says: Firewalker, which is the aforementioned cinnamon beverage, as well as Hurricane and that beloved blackout cocktail, Long Island. All come pre-mixed, and with higher alcohol content than a beer.

Perhaps you kids are too young to remember the Zima days, but for the rest of you:

AB InBev Begins Malt Beverage Rollout in the U.S. [Wall Street Journal]

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