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Booze-Serving Utah Theater Can’t Open Until Bar Is Hidden

While it’s perfectly legal to enjoy an alcoholic beverage in Utah, the state has certain restrictions that any business has to comply with before it can serve boozy drinks. That’s why a new arts center planned for Salt Lake City has to make some changes before it can open up to the public. [More]

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The Global Booze Market Shrank For The First Time In 10 Years

In an about-face from the previous 10 years, the world collectively put down its pints, shots, cocktails, and wine glasses in 2015, with a 0.7% drop in the global booze market. [More]

Alcohol-Serving Taco Bell Will Abide By Hour Restrictions, Staff Security Guards

Alcohol-Serving Taco Bell Will Abide By Hour Restrictions, Staff Security Guards

Don’t even think about getting a bit unruly at the soon-to-open boozy Taco Bell, because you’ll be under the watchful eye of a security guard. [More]

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Taco Bell Confirms A Boozy Menu At Soon-To-Open Chicago Location

Nothing goes better with a chalupa than a nice glass of red wine. Okay, we don’t actually know that, but we do know that the pairing will certainly be an option at Taco Bell’s new Chicago location. [More]

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New Chicago Taco Bell Could Be Company’s First To Sell Alcohol

Want an ice-cold beer to wash down that Doritos Locos Taco? If city permits and licenses are to be believed, a new Taco Bell in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood may be the first to let you live that dream. [More]

Zima, is that you?

Is This Just Zima?

This week, ABInBev announced that it’s unleashing something terrifying sounding called a Bud Light Mixxtail, a malt liquor beverage that pretty much sounds like someone dropped a couple cinnamon red hots in a vat of Zima and called it a day. But hey, it’s sweet, and millennials like sweet stuff! According to the powers that be. [More]