Remorseful Thief Returns 3-Month Old Kitten Stolen From Pet Store With Apology Note

(Ruff Start Rescue)

(Ruff Start Rescue)

Don’t let the Valentine’s Day pressure get to you, friends. There’s no need to resort to stealing in order to let the ones you love know how you feel (try serving them pizza instead). As such, a remorseful kitten thief returned the pilfered feline to a Minnesota pet store with an apology note, explaining he had no money for a Valentine’s Day present.

A man reportedly looking to score a free, furry present for his loved one from a Minneapolis PetSmart dropped off a three-month old kitten the next day at another PetSmart location, reports

Ruff Start Rescue center works with PetSmart to give the pets exposure in the hopes they’ll get adopted posted a note on its Facebook page from the remorseful thief, reading: “It was going to be a valentines day present and I had no money. I’m sorry.”

According to the rescue center’s intake coordinator, a man had gone into the store asking to look at the cats, and was assisted manager. When he was done, the worker locked up the cages and left. Another worker walked by after and saw the man outside the cat room holding an adult cat, and took it from him immediately. When she returned from putting that cat back, she saw the lock on another cage had been cut with a bolt cutter and the kitten was gone.

The rescue center credited the kitten’s return with the pressure of social media, and says it won’t be pressing charges, since the cat was returned.

Man Stole Kitten from Minneapolis PetSmart, Later Returned it with Apology Note []

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