Iggy Izalea Not So Pleased To Hear From Papa John’s Delivery Guy’s Family After Placing Order For Pizza



Everyone needs pizza, even if you’re a Grammy-nominated rap artist. And it’s understandable that to successfully have said pizza delivered, you’d have to give out your phone number. Which is fine by Iggy Azalea, but she’s none too pleased that her Papa John’s delivery guy apparently then handed out her digits to his admiring family members.

The Australian rapper behind that catchy “Fancy” song was hungry for retribution before last night’s Grammy Awards, tweeting at the pizza chain that while she used to enjoy Papa John’s pizza, she was pretty ticked to find that the driver who brought her pizza shared her phone number:

She added a photo to another tweet saying she was getting texts and phone calls from fans claiming they’d gotten her digits from the delivery guy:

The response she received after complaining to a supervisor wasn’t acceptable either, tweeting, “and this is all your supervisor has to say about it”:

She also tweeted that she’d asked for a photo of the delivery guy so she could identify him, but had been denied, saying, “Too bad they don’t value the privacy of their customers also. #DamnShame.”

Papa John’s replied with a sort of apology, including a nod to one of her songs in an apparent attempt to placate through flattery:

Azalea is instead threatening to sue for breach of privacy:

Meanwhile, whoever handles social media for Digiornio deserves kudos for paying attention as the whole thing unfolded:

The rapper may now be cooking her own pizza in the future, as she replied:

If getting pizza is this complicated as a celebrity, I for one am extremely grateful to be very unfamous, as I get to eat my pizza undisturbed. Totally undisturbed, just me and the pizza.

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