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National Epidemic Of People Shoving Meat Down Pants Is Not Close To Stopping

As we prepared to share yet another news story about someone shoving beef down their pants, we got the heartening news: Consumerist is not alone in our fixation on the meat pants dance. It’s part of a nationwide trend due to increasing beef prices, which is also the reason why cattle rustling is on the rise. [More]


Police: “Brisket Bandit” Has Robbed Texas Restaurants Of Thousands Of Dollars Of Meat

Desperate times often call for desperate measures, but while the current brisket shortage might seem like a reason to go out and do bad things to get your hands on some of that tender meat, robbery is no way to go. Police in San Antonio have alerted local restaurants to keep on the lookout for a person dubbed the “Brisket Bandit,” who’s suspected of stealing thousands of dollars worth of meat. [More]


Burst In Brisket’s Popularity During Nationwide Beef Shortage Means Higher Prices At The Table

While brisket lovers may be rejoicing to see Texas-style barbecue restaurants popping up around the nation and fast food chains like Arby’s sticking the tender meat on the menu, its newfound popularity is coming with a higher price. [More]

New Arby’s Ad: Watch 13 Hours Of Brisket Cooking

New Arby’s Ad: Watch 13 Hours Of Brisket Cooking

Here at Consumerist headquarters, we enjoyed Netflix’s original programming for April Fool’s Day 2014: streaming films of bacon frying and rotisserie chickens roasting. They had a lovely, meditative quality, and made fine sleep aids. Would they make a good advertisement, though? That’s what Arby’s aims to find out with their mission to create the longest-ever TV advertisement. [More]

Should You Tip The Owner Of A Restaurant If He Delivers Your Food?

Should You Tip The Owner Of A Restaurant If He Delivers Your Food?

Daniel recently had an interesting tipping dilemma. He ordered a smoked brisket from a locally owned barbecue place, and had it delivered. Unexpectedly, the restaurant owner himself showed up to deliver the brisket. So, he asks: should he have tipped the restaurant owner? [More]