Tractor-Trailer Crash Leads To Ramen Noodles Spilled Across The Highway

noodleFlavor packets and crunchy noodles make a poor substitute for road salt, so it’s good that there isn’t ice on the highways of North Carolina right now. A tractor-trailer filled with cases of ramen noodles went off the road on I-95 southbound, spilling cases of noodles on the road and blocking traffic for hours.

The driver says that he was sleepy, but was pushing to get to the nearest truck stop. “I thought I could make it down to the truck stops in Kenly, and I didn’t quite make it,” he told local TV station WTVD. “I kind of drowsed off, and next thing I knew I had taken out the guard rail.” It was good that the guardrail was there, but the truck crashed and the trailer spilled cases of noodle packets on the highway.

Unlike some recent crashes we’ve highlighted where food from big rig crashes ended up at local shelters, the packets and cups of noodles were found to be contaminated with diesel fuel. Maybe a food with more nutritional or monetary value would have been salvaged and some of the packets washed off, but ramen isn’t worth the effort, we suppose.

The driver was unhurt, but the truck was badly damaged, as was the trailer. The noodles were hauled to a nearby landfill.


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