Strawberry-Flavored Honeycomb Cereal Will Return To Stores

strawberry_honeycombThe children of the ’80s are now adults with jobs, who have occasional disposable income between student loan payments. Makers of sugary breakfast cereals are capitalizing on this, re-releasing our childhood favorites for us to eat as snacks or inflict on our own children. That’s why Strawberry Honeycomb is back on shelves in some areas to tempt the nostalgia-stricken.

Strawberry Honeycomb debuted in 1983, and was taken off the market…well, no one seems to know when it was taken off the market, including Post in its own press release. We would guess sometime in the ’90s. Now Post wants us to know that it’s back in “select” stores. Which stores those are isn’t clear, since the company directs customers to a product finder that doesn’t yet list strawberry as a valid Honeycomb flavor. At the same time, the flavor isn’t on their “discontinued products” page, either, leaving it in a strange cereal limbo.

Strawberry Honeycomb follows General Mills’ French Toast Crunch back onto the shelves and into the cabinets of cereal-loving millennials.

(Thanks to Brand Eating for the heads-up!)

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