Have You Been Trained In The Art Of The Upsell? Tell Us About It

Even Subway's trucks try to upsell consumers. (photo: Catastrophe Girl)

Even Subway’s trucks try to upsell consumers. (photo: Catastrophe Girl)

From fast food to high finance, just about anyone involved in any sort of sales to consumers has been trained to upsell the customer on add-ons. And whether it’s the right way to push a super-sized meal or convincing a new car buyer he really wants that TruCoat undercoating for $500, there really is an art to doing it correctly. That’s why we’d like to hear from people who have been taught this special skill.

If your employer has drilled you on the best way to get a customer to buy add-on products and services and you want to share what you’ve learned with Consumerist readers, shoot us an e-mail at tips@consumerist.com with ART OF THE UPSELL in the subject line.

Tell us what line of work you were/are in and what special training you received with regards to upselling consumers. We may write you back with some additional questions.

As always, we will never reveal your actual name or publish any information that could identify you to the public or to your employer.

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