25 States Could Have Sub-$2 Gas This Month

Top10-Lowest-Average-Gas-Prices-1-12-15-1024x289More than one-third of states already have some gas options that will cost drivers less than $2/gallon, and a new report says it’s possible that this could increase to half of the country in the coming weeks.

This is according to the latest fuel price analysis from AAA, which saw 11 states added to the sub-$2 list in just the last week, bringing the number of states with average gas prices below the $2 mark to 18.

According to AAA, if pricing trends continue, that means we could hit the 25 state mark within the week.

Prices dropped in the last week in 47 states and Washington, D.C., with the most substantial changes coming in Montana and Utah (-$.16/gallon), North Dakota (-$.15) and Wyoming (-$.14). In total, 17 states saw average week-over-week price drops of at least ten cents.

The three states where prices increased in the last week are still among the leaders in month-over-month price declines. For example, while the average cost in Indiana went up $.07/gallon this week, gas is still down $.48 from where it was a month earlier. Ohio saw a similar increase but gas remains $.49 less expensive than it was in December, and Michigan prices may have jumped $.04, but drivers in the state are paying $.58 less than they were before Christmas.

Only five states and D.C. have average gas prices over $2.50/gallon, according to AAA. Hawaii ($3.42) remains the one state with a per-gallon average over three dollars, though Alaska is close at $2.93.

Missouri has the country’s cheapest gas, at $1.77/gallon, followed by Oklahoma ($1.82) and Kansas ($1.84).

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