Flappy Bird Is Now A Real-Life Arcade Game

GameDetailWeb_FBWe’re fascinated with the saga of “Flappy Bird” here at Consumerist, mostly because of the creator’s reaction to the success of his infuriatingly simple game. He yanked it from app marketplaces even though it was raking in ad money, then put it back after the fad had faded a bit. Wouldn’t you rather pump quarters into a dedicated Flappy Bird game cabinet?

We’re not sure who would answer that question “yes,” but for them, the dream is alive. Instead of tapping on a tiny smartphone screen, it features a 42″ monitor so everyone in the room can watch you embarrass yourself. The controls are simple enough: there is one button. You press it, or you don’t press it, or you smack it in anger when your bird crashes. The cabinet weighs 370 pounds, and you can order it from Bay Tek Games if this sort of thing interests you.

What other mobile games would make good arcade games? My vote is for Candy Crush Saga, though that would probably end with everyone’s aunt hauling buckets of quarters to the nearest machine, like a nearest game and playing for hours. That would be unpleasant for everyone involved.

Flappy Bird (via Mashable)

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