Flappy Bird Will Flap Again In August

Adios, little buddy.In the winter of 2013/2014, mobile phone users all over the world kept one finger glued to their screens as they played the deceptively simple and completely infuriating game “Flappy Bird.” Creator Dong Nguyen pulled the game from app marketplaces when the attention and fame was too much, but told CNBC yesterday that a different form of the game will come back in August.

Nguyen says that at the peak of the Flappy Bird fad, in-app advertising took in $50,000 per day. He’s still making plenty of money from the app: while new users aren’t able to download a copy of the game, people could still play and view ads from the game already installed on their phones. People who downloaded the game and deleted it in a fit of rage, a category that includes me, could also download it again from their iTunes accounts: that may or may not work on other platforms.

The cash, fame, and attention freaked the developer out, which is why he pulled the app from stores in February. He told CNBC that he thinks people should spend their time in more productive ways than smashing cartoon birds into pipes. Sure, and we shouldn’t eat marshmallows for breakfast, but when has that ever stopped us?

The new game will have a multi-player component, and is supposed to return to app marketplaces in August.

Flappy Bird ‘addicts’ rejoice! App will return soon [CNBC]

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