Vinyl Subscription Service Like The Netflix Of Records, But You Can Buy What You Get

While it seems music has moved as far away from the more physical music era of the past — records, cassettes, CDs, etc. — as we stream millions of artists into our ears from wherever we want, whenever we want, some people still like to get their hands on a solid hunk of plastic for their listening pleasure. A new vinyl subscription service is catering to those analog folk with LP deliveries.

While some (including, no doubt, the company itself) are calling VNYL the Netflix of its category, it is and it isn’t. It is, in that customers can keep the records for as long as they want (while still paying a monthly fee).

But unlike Netflix, it’s more like monthly product subscriptions like Stitch Fix, Gwynnie Bee or Trunk Club, in that customers are in essence allowing a stranger to pick something out that they think they’ll like, and then either keep it or send it back, unused.

Subscribers choose from a list of hashtagged moods like #rainyday, #cooking and #comingsoon (which I expect must contain tracks that haven’t even been written yet! So hipster!) and then receive a curated set of three records every month, reports

And if you’re silently fuming, thinking, “Tell me how this isn’t just a record club dressed in a trendy’s start-up’s clothing,” there is a difference in those clubs of yore, albeit a slight one: The three records are chosen for you based on those hashtags, instead of members picking any 12 from a huge selection. There’s also some kind of social media community thing that’s supposed to be exciting somehow. The website doesn’t make it entirely clear how the whole things works. Something with Twitter?

Anyway, if you like the music enough to keep it, each costs between $8-$12. Otherwise, the records go back in a prepaid envelope, much like Netflix. That might lead to some incidental damage to the products, but hey, it’s what they’re doing.

Subscribers can keep the records as long as they would like, but the service costs $15 a month so if you don’t send’em back in a timely manner you might regret it holding on to unwanted records. Forget to cancel and you’ll find yourself paying a hefty chunk for something you maybe never wanted to listen to.

Vinyls are all the rage these days, it seems — a similar service called Vinyl Me, Please is already in business sending members a limited-edition record each month along with a cocktail paring recipe for $23 per month for a year’s subscription.

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