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Sony Returns To Making Vinyl Records After 28-Year Break

Although streaming music services are currently duking it out for listeners’ ears, there will always be people out there who insist to their friends, “You know, this actually sounds a lot better on vinyl.” For those folks — as well as many other music fans who enjoy tunes produced by a solid hunk of plastic — Sony has decided to resume pressing vinyl records for the first time since 1989. [More]

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Vinyl Subscription Service Like The Netflix Of Records, But You Can Buy What You Get

While it seems music has moved as far away from the more physical music era of the past — records, cassettes, CDs, etc. — as we stream millions of artists into our ears from wherever we want, whenever we want, some people still like to get their hands on a solid hunk of plastic for their listening pleasure. A new vinyl subscription service is catering to those analog folk with LP deliveries. [More]

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Whole Foods Selling Vinyl Records Because Kale Tastes So Much Better While Listening That Way

If you’ve ever had conversations including the phrase “But it sounds so much better on vinyl!” and also, “I prefer organic kale to that wilty stuff in the grocery store,” then Whole Foods is the store for you. At least, five southern California locations are likely right up your alley, as they’ll be selling a “wide selection” of music on vinyl records, from Frank Sinatra to Daft Punk. [via] [More]