Wet Seal Workers Claim Company Shipped Unassembled Boxes Instead Of Clothing


Back when Wet Seal had clothing in stores. (thinkretail)

In addition to reports of sluggish sales, possible bankruptcy and disgruntled employees alleging mistreatment via large signs, and while retail locations are going poof, there’s yet another sign that Wet Seal is struggling to get its act together: Employees claim things got so bad that at one point, unassembled boxes were shipped to the store instead of a bi-weekly shipment of clothing.

Business Insider cites several ex-workers, some cut loose recently and suddenly from their jobs at the teenage clothing retailer, who say that it’s clear things are going sour, fast.

One former associate at an Ohio store said she thought something was off after Black Friday, when the store received just two boxes of clothing on a day that usually saw a big shipment of new merchandise. The next delivery was worse — just dozens of empty, unassembled boxes.

She also claims workers were told not to sell discount items or gift cards to customers. She was later told her store was shutting down and was transferred to a new location, which in turn, shut down as well.

“Zero notice,” she said of losing her job. “It’s upsetting, it’s depressing. No one deserves to be jobless like that instantly.”

Wet Seal Workers Reveal Ominous Signs The Company Was Imploding [Business Insider]

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