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Wet Seal Will Liquidate And Close 137 Remaining Stores

Attention, fashionable yet casual Consumerists: Get ready to head to your local mall if you’ve ever liked any products from clothing and accessories seller Wet Seal. The company is closing nationwide, which means selling everything from the clothes left on the racks to its office equipment. [More]

Phillip Pessar

Wet Seal Files For Second Bankruptcy Since 2015

In a move that will surprise no one, young women’s clothing retailer Wet Seal has filed for bankruptcy for the second time in just over two years. This time, the chain will not be re-organizing, and it’s unlikely that a new owner will come along and rescue the business out of bankruptcy. [More]

Phillip Pessar

Wet Seal Closing All Stores, Still Hasn’t Filed For Second Bankruptcy

Two years after its first bankrutpcy, teen clothing retailer Wet Seal was reportedly considering a second one if it couldn’t find investors or a buyer. Instead, the retailer will lay off its 148 headquarters employees and close its 171 remaining stores. [More]

Phillip Pessar

Wet Seal Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection, Shocking No One

We’ve heard the funereal bag pipes warming up over the last few months and now it’s time to play the official dirge: Wet Seal has filed for bankruptcy protection in an effort to keep what stores it has left open in business. [More]

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Former Wet Seal Employees Reveal More Woeful Tales Of Stores Limping On To Death

As the carnage continues at the 338 or so stores Wet Seal is closing down today come more tales from now former employees who point out that all the tragic signs were there. One worker says her store received a package called “Store Project.” Said “project” was the fun task of packing up the store’s credit card scanners and other electronics and shipping it back to corporate by today, Jan. 7. [More]


Wet Seal Announces The Inevitable: It’s Closing 66% Of Its Stores Starting Right Now

The end has certainly felt nigh for Wet Seal recently, as a death dirge has been wafting from the general direction of the teen ’90s dream store amid reports of lackluster sales, a company trying to give itself a makeover and the outrage of former employees claiming mistreatment at the hands of corporate. Wet Seal isn’t dead yet, but it did announce today that it’ll be closing 66% of its stores, laying off around 3,695 employees in the process. [More]


Wet Seal Workers Claim Company Shipped Unassembled Boxes Instead Of Clothing

In addition to reports of sluggish sales, possible bankruptcy and disgruntled employees alleging mistreatment via large signs, and while retail locations are going poof, there’s yet another sign that Wet Seal is struggling to get its act together: Employees claim things got so bad that at one point, unassembled boxes were shipped to the store instead of a bi-weekly shipment of clothing. [More]

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Disgruntled Wet Seal Employees Post List Of Grievances In Store Window

If there’s a handwritten sign in your store’s window penned by employees, odds are it’s not a glowing review. Adding to the rolls of disgruntled workers airing grievances in public are workers at a Wet Seal in a Seattle mall, who posted a list of alleged wrongdoings against the floundering retailer. [More]

Can doily shorts save Wet Seal?

The Next Teen Retail Dream Of The ’90s To Die Could Be Wet Seal

Shopping in the 1990s for a teenager was like one big dream filled with flared jeans and funky, chunky shoes. And now it seems that dream is dying, as Wet Seal has been marked as perhaps the next ’90s retailer to follow former cool kid in the mall Delia’s — pardon me! — dELiA*s, into bankruptcy. [More]