Verizon CEO: Reports Of Any “Significant” Acquisition Chats “Not Accurate”

Amid reports yesterday indicating that Verizon Communications was toying with the idea of acquiring AOL or entering into some kind of joint venture, the company’s CEO is going on record as saying there’s nothing serious going on.

Verizon Communications Chief Executive Officer Lowell McAdam said he’s more into the idea of partnering with media companies and content providers, and not so much in buying them outright, reports Bloomberg Businessweek.

Sources told Businessweek yesterday that Verizon had approached AOL about a potential acquisition or joint venture with the Internet company, but McAdam is brushing that off now as no big deal. At least, right now.

“AOL, along with lots of other media companies, are potential for us to do partnerships,” McAdam said today at the Citi Global Internet, Media & Telecommunications conference in Las Vegas. “To say that we’re having significant acquisition discussions is really not accurate.”

Two sources reportedly indicated that Verizon is looking into how AOL automates the buying and selling of ads online, while one source said it wants insight into online content, mobile video and advertising.

But again, it’s not looking for anything serious right now, and is just more into dating.

Verizon CEO Says Company Not in ‘Significant’ Acquisition Talks [Bloomberg Businessweek]

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