Thief’s Attempt To Blast ATM Open Literally Backfires

atmexplosionRecently here at Consumerist, we’ve reviewed some very unsuccessful ways to open up ATMs and get at the money inside. Smashing the machine with a forklift, for example, is not a useful method. Neither is pouring acid on it. Now we have a new addition to the list: you also cannot gain access to money inside a cash machine with an explosive.

The culprit in a recent attempted cash removal in Australia didn’t manage to steal any money, but he did knock himself backwards out of his sandals. This serves as yet another argument why flip-flops should never be worn outside of public showers and beaches.

Fortunately, the suspect wasn’t seriously injured, but the ATM was heavily damaged. Police believe that the man captured on film is also a suspect in a similar attempted ATM explosion in a nearby city on December 24th.

“In relation to sophistication it wasn’t something that was done by somebody who had expertise,” a police officer told media. Police believe that the suspect used some kind of gas to detonate the ATM, but only succeeded in destroying the electronics.

ATM explosion attempt backfires in Darwin [Sydney Morning Herald] (Warning: auto-play video)
Darwin ATM theft attempt backfires as masked man is knocked backwards by explosion [ABC]

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