Parents Are Upset About This Play-Doh Extruder For Some Reason

Do you know who I feel sorry for this week? The people running social media for Hasbro’s Play-Doh brand of perpetual play clay. People keep posting to point out the resemblance of an accessory in one of their current play sets to a human phallus, and Hasbro keeps taking down their posts. Update: Hasbro has acknowledged the issue on Facebook and will send a replacement extruder to families on request.

Here’s the whole set, which lists for $20, is currently available from Amazon for $13, and looks pretty fun.


Yet what caught the eye of some parents is that frosting extruder over to the side. It looks like a fanciful turret on a castle decorated by Dr. Seuss. Or… like a human penis with particularly artful veins.


Of course, not all customers are complaining.


We somehow doubt this, since this poster would need to buy two of the entire cake set. Sets including the controversial accessory could become a collectible in the future, so buying entire sets and keeping them sealed could be an investment opportunity, but it’s also possible that no one will care in the future when it’s no longer the slow news week between the end-of-the-year holidays.

Anyway, Hasbro told a TV station in Tulsa back in November that they’ve replaced the controversial piece in future sets. Apparently, Santa delivered enough of the sets nationwide last week that the issue became freshly controversial.

Here’s the replacement version of the extruder, which is much less interesting but sure to be much less controversial.


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