Play-Doh Will Replace Phallic Toy Frosting Extruders On Request

cake_mountainDoes your child have one of the Play-Doh Cake Mountain playsets, and you want the weirdly phallic frosting extruder gone because you can’t stop laughing every time your kid picks it up? Good news for you: Hasbro has offered to exchange the syringe for the more boring yellow version on request in case the part offends or amuses you too much.

Complaints about the part began back in November, which is when Hasbro said that it had redesigned the piece and would put a more boring version in future box sets of the toy. However, that didn’t mean that the redesigned part was ready for Christmas gifts, and a new uproar came after children unboxed their gifts and parents had a chance to give the part a second glance.


After accusations that Hasbro was deleting all complaints about the part from their Facebook page, the company finally made a post of its own about the controversy, telling customers that they had heard the “feedback” and that replacements were available. “Should any consumer want a replacement extruder for this item, they can contact Hasbro’s Customer Service Department at 800-327-8264,” the company posted.

Here’s what that piece looked like with the purple syringe pusher in place:


Here’s the replacement version of the part: let’s all use our imaginations and try to figure out what it looks like.


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